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Join the Journey - Body, Mind & Spirit
Next Session - October 2022

Designed to help understanding of how to accompany older adults in every aspect of their journey, whether they are living at home or in a personal care home.

Registration Fee:  $100 (IHCAM & CHAM members) and $125 for public.
ncludes facilitation for 8 weeks, participant workbook and on-line support.

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Purpose & Meaning at Work Workshop with Margaret Wheatley

In this inquiry session, leaders in healthcare were given the opportunity, with colleagues, to identify what these past years of trial have taught them, to claim their hard-won strengths, and to apply these to the critical challenges of current workplace issues, such as staff morale, exhaustion and overwhelm.
Using peer conversations, personal reflection and collaborative group processes, CEOs and Management Team participants will:
1.  Discern key lessons learned about effective leadership in chaotic and uncertain times
2.   Reflect on and claim the personal strengths they’ve developed
3.   Determine how these learnings and personal strengths will inform their leadership going forward.
The processes create personal introspection within a community of practitioners and, going forward, this community can serve as a valuable resource to offer support, ideas, consolations, and camaraderie.


The Interfaith Health Care Association of Manitoba (IHCAM) has created a Formation & Educational Development and Fund as part of its commitment to providing ongoing support and training to its members - men and women of all faiths and backgrounds who provide effective leadership, board governance, care to residents and patients, and strategic oversight to the organizations they serve.

Funding is available to individuals working or donating their time in IHCAM member facilities.

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Empowering Post-Traumatic Growth in Morally Injured People.pptx

Loneliness and the COVID Lived Experience

To listen to the recording, click below:

Part 1:   Doug Koop and Dr. Glenn Horst : 2021-11-04 09.07.48 Loneliness and the COVID Lived Experience Workshop 84958834315 - OneDrive (

Part 3: Rabbi Allan Finkel: 2021-11-04 09.07.48 Loneliness and the COVID Lived Experience Workshop 84958834315 - OneDrive (

Advance Care Planning Workshop

To view/listen to the Workshop Recording, click below.  Due to a technical difficulty, the video starts at 3:15 and slide 9 of Katarina's PPT presentation 

Access Passcode: 30h!oA73

ADP PPT Presentation:  Katarina Lee

ADP PPT Presentation:  Office of the Public Trustee

Coping with Grief & Loss During COVID-19
Presentation from Coping with Grief & Loss During COVID-19 workshop

Zoom presentation with Anne Whitford-Fast

Empathy and Compassion Workshop

To listen to this workshop, click here:
Empathy and Compassion Workshop Recording

Access Passcode: 05%6eOSy

Loneliness, Loss and Grief (in a time of COVID-19) featuring Dr. John Swinton and Dr. Ken Tekano brought to you by Providence Healthcare

Link to Mental Health First Aid Standard Certificate Course Registration Form

A recording of this event is available for you here  along with a supplementary video of our guest presenters responding to questions we didn’t have time to address during the event -

Compassion and Imagination in Leadership event featuring Fiona Dalton and Dr. Michael W. Higgins.

A recording of this event is available for you here