Interfaith Health Care Association of Manitoba

The Interfaith Health Care Association of Manitoba (IHCAM), founded in 1995, is comprised of faith related health care facilities and organizations in Manitoba deriving from nine faith groups, and is a semi-formal group which meets for the purpose of sharing religious value, to discuss common concerns and issues in health care, and deliver programming based on spiritual care and health.

Within the Province of Manitoba, a faith-based healthcare facility is a publicly funded facility which is owned and sponsored by the faith community. As a publicly funded facility, we have an obligation to provide health care which meets or exceeds government and professional standards. As facilities which are sponsored by the various faith communites, we have an obligation to provide care in a manner that is consistent with and expressive of the faith tradition values and ethics.

Because we represent faith-based facilities, we establish our policies, set our goals and evaluate our programs in light of a particular set of values which is deeply rooted in our Christian faith and heritage. In all that we do we strive to incorporate the following in each of our facilities:

  • Values
  • Community, Mutuality and Service
  • Human Dignity and Compassion for All People
  • Justice and Stewardship
  • Peace, Reconciliation and Mediation
  • Spirituality and Prayer
  • Ethical Rigor




To be a recognized leader in advocating for and supporting faith-based health care and social service organizations so that people we serve will experience comfort, hope, peace, and community.


IHCAM supports the goals of faith-based organizations in Manitoba to deliver effective community based health and social services through advocacy, education, self-governance, and the sharing of best practices with its members.


Integrity - Care - Community - Leadership -

Learning - Partnership - Responsibility


Caring of body, mind and spirit with love

Promoting faith and cultural communities

Serving others in the belief that life is sacred

Responding to the needs of the marginalized

Working in partnership with others