Interfaith Health Care Association of Manitoba

Interfaith dialogue educational resources – free online

Dear interfaith colleagues across Canada:   We are happy to share with you this abundance of resources which can be downloaded free of charge.

Principles and guidelines for interfaith dialogue:  This compendium of concise and handy resources provides insight into the interfaith movement and its treasure chest of wisdom and learning opportunities. This collection explores the goals, types and stages of dialogue and touches on issues such as interfaith etiquette, listening, peace-building, hospitality, respectful presence and dialogue-versus-debate. These principles and guidelines are useful for those who are new to interfaith as well as for veterans of interfaith work:


Interfaith curriculum and educational resources:   Includes online courses, toolkits, best practices, do-it-yourself workshops, activities, multifaith prayer services, how-to-manuals, guidelines, games, starter kits, meditations, slideshows, etc.:


Golden Rule education resources:    This comprehensive listing features interactive resources, meditation exercises, videos, multilingual posters, art activities, do-it-yourself workshops, slide programs, discussion questions, Golden Rule websites, books, toolkits, best practices, and school & youth group curricula


Jewish:  Haggadah