Interfaith Health Care Association of Manitoba

Why "Spiritual Health is Health"? 

Health encompasses the whole person: the mind, the body, the emotions and the human spirit. However,  Western society privileges the physical, mental and emotional needs of people, often minimizing the spiritual aspect. Let us collectively raise awareness that effective care must be holistic and include human spirituality. Just as society addresses and values the physical, mental and emotional dimension of people, the spiritual dimension of individuals should also be addressed and valued.



• CASC/ ACSS is the largest national professional association in spiritual care and psychospiritual
therapy in Canada.

• We are a multifaith community of 1200 active Members from diverse backgrounds including
Buddhist, Christian, Indigenous, Jewish, Muslim
, Spiritual but not religious and more.

• We embrace a holistic approach to health and wellbeing with a special focus on spiritual and
religious care.

• Our mission is to advance the professionalism of spiritual care, psychospiritual therapy, education,
and research in Canada.

Recently developed by leaders in the Association, the narrative is an inspired piece of work that succinctly communicates the core of what we do. It highlights four key strategies that characterize the practice of spiritual care and psychospiritual therapy.

Spiritual Care Practitioners and Psychospiritual Therapists support and facilitate an awareness of how the sacred is being experienced in and through the body;


Spiritual Care Practitioners and Psychospiritual Therapists engage with and bring attention to the stories that shape individuals and communities;

EMBRACING THE EMOTIONS: Spiritual Care Practitioners and Psychospiritual Therapists welcome and
hold space for the full range of emotions enabling
clients to safely engage with, rather than avoid, the fullness of their internal experience. This in turn supports the client in building life-giving relationships.

SUPPORTING THE HUMAN SPIRIT: Spiritual Care Practitioners and Psychospiritual Therapists support
individual and communities in creating, building and sustaining their sense of wellbeing in the face of changing circumstances