Interfaith Health Care Association of Manitoba

Is Self-Care the Answer to What We’ve Experienced the Past Couple of Years?

Do you remember at the beginning of the pandemic, we were surrounded with posters and sayings such as: “We’re in this together,” “Stronger Together,” and “We’ve Got this”? These sayings remind us there’s a gentle shift from self to “us” when we focus on Community Care.  We thrive on connection.  We are healthier, stronger, and more resilient when we work together and it protects us from the burdens of demands on individuals.

The past two and a half years have given us “pause” to think about our well-being.

When we are constantly called to care and invest at a deep level, when the demands never cease, and when there are increasingly high expectations placed upon us (from others and self), we may find ourselves experiencing a sense of:

  • Depersonalization or detachment: going through the motions and becoming desensitized to our environment.
  • Decreased sense of accomplishment: what used to provide a sense of purpose or meaning has faded.
  • Emotional exhaustion: feels like you don’t know how you can keep going.

Self-care is important yet it may not be sustaining for the long haul.  We invite you to take a moment to expand “self” to an approach of Community Care

Moments for Reflection:

Perhaps you’d like to journal, record a voice memo, draw, paint, or think about these questions as you go for a walk…

  • Am I checking if my co-workers and colleagues are doing ok?
  • How can I engage others with compassion, understanding, and affirmation?
  • Do I offer grace-filled interactions affecting the overall climate of my work environment? 


This notion of Community Care loops back and, indeed, offers self-care in the process.