Interfaith Health Care Association of Manitoba

When we talk about moral injury, it is a conversation about the harm that can occur when we act against our deeply held values, whether prompted to do so from another source or of our own volition. Acting against our values pits us against a part of ourselves, risking harm. In order to better protect ourselves, we are well-served to foster a deeper understanding of what matters most to us.

When talking about acting against our values, you might want to ask yourself, “Can I identify my deeply held values?” Most of us probably have some idea, however our values do change, evolve and grow over time as life experiences and perspectives change. Whether you consider yourself deeply aligned with your sense of self or someone who has not given much attention to this area, improving self-awareness is an excellent way to develop a healthy sense of who you are and what matters most to you.

If you have never tried to identify your values, the task may feel a little overwhelming at first. Fortunately, there are many free online tools to help along the way. Below is one suggestion of a company which offers a free version to get started. Other values assessment quizzes are available online with a quick Google search.