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Each day we look at how we can still grow and even flourish amidst a pandemic. Today we look at how practicing Whole Person Health can facilitate growth and health.


Now more than ever, it is important to find ways to practice whole person health.  We all know how important it is to care for our bodies, but well-being also includes caring for the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, social, environmental and vocational aspects of our health, among others.

As we enter this week of celebrating spiritual health, we invite you to explore the many resources we have put together to help you remain resilient even as the pandemic continues.  

Today, we offer ways “whole person health” can support resiliency.  Whole person health promotes the concept of moderation.  Yet we all know how challenging it has been to practice moderation in the midst of the pandemic.  

Not everyone is comfortable going to gyms, and staying indoors as winter approaches will probably find us opening the fridge door more often than we might otherwise wish to check what’s inside.  Living in close proximity with family can be both a blessing and increase the emotional tensions in our lives.  Conversely, living alone in the context of social distancing can heighten loneliness.  With our world opening up, more people have jobs again but many are still unemployed or under-employed.

In the following days, we will offer suggestions to nurture your spiritual health. Today we are offering a few tips that we hope will deepen your motivation and ability to care for the other six aspects of whole person health:

Emotional Wellbeing                      Practice Gratitude.

Be mindful and live in the moment. Notice something for which you are grateful each day. Let someone know if they said or did something for which you are grateful.


Intellectual Wellbeing                    Boost your Brain.

Engage in creative and stimulating activities which help keep your mind active and your brain healthy and happy.  Read a book, take an on-line course, play board games, listen to podcasts that offer interesting and positive information on a variety of subjects.

Physical Wellbeing                         Move More. Eat Better.

If you enjoy being outside year-round in Manitoba, you are set. If not, the number of on-line videos offering great work outs in one room of your house is increasing.  Find one that works for you. Try to find a balance between exercise, eating nutritious foods, getting enough sleep and moderating your alcohol consumption.

Social Wellbeing                              Connect with Others.

Personal connections contribute to a long and fulfilling life. When you nurture relationships with family and friends, you create healthy support networks for life. We’ll suggest some ideas for this tomorrow.

Environmental Wellbeing               Love the Earth.

There are many ways we can contribute to the well-being of our earth.  Chose one you know you can do regularly. It will help you to know you are passing along a healthy world to the next generation.

Vocational Wellbeing                      Live with Purpose.

If you are finding yourself employed, you are a fortunate person and be a team player at work.  If you are unemployed or underemployed, we hope that our social safety nets will be sufficient for you in this time.  We also hope that with time, you will find yourself employed.

When team-players retire, they have a sense of satisfaction not only in what they did for a living but also in how they treated their co-workers.

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