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The Interfaith Health Care Association of Manitoba (IHCAM) is a voluntary non-profit provincial association created in 1995 and comprised of health and social care organizations that are owned and operated by nine faith groups; Baptist, Catholic, Jewish, Lutheran, Mennonite , Pentecostal, Salvation Army, Seventh-Day Adventist and United. IHCAM advocates on behalf of its membership the value of faith-based health care and governance.

IHCAM’smember organizations represent over 13% of Manitoba’s health care budget employing over 10,000 staff and attracting over 2000 community volunteers.


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July 30, 2019
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July 24, 2019

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View in-depth information on the health of Canadians in Manitoba and on the Manitoba health care system. This interactive data provides insight into hospitals and long-term care organizations using a series of health indicators. Information is available on health care safety, efficiency, access, person-centredness, and appropriateness and effectiveness, as well as on health status and social determinants of health. 

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July 23, 2019

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July 12, 2019

(Winnipeg Free Press, June 21, 2019). 

Since IHCAM's member organizations represent over 13% of Manitoba's health care budget, employing over 10,000 staff and attracting over 2000 volunteers, our collective voice for the value and important role faith-based health care plays in Manitoba also needs to be heard.

As your candidates these questions:

  1. How would you describe the value of faith-based not for profit health and human service organizations and investments in Manitoba communities?
  2. What do you think distinguishes the leadership, engagement, decision-making, ethics and governance of independent boards in fiaht-based health care organizations?

  3. How do you see funding for spiritual health as part of Manitoba's health care system going forward?  Do you advocate status quo or increased funding?

  4. How would you enhance fiaht-based organizations' partnerhsip with Government over the next 4 years?
  5. What is your vision for the health of our community - for health services to support people of all ages?
Matter of principle Philpott explains role of religion in her decision-making process
June 29, 2019

Matter of principle - Winnipeg Free Press

Adrian Wyld / The Canadian Press files</p><p>Independent MP Jane Philpott is a member of Community Mennonite Church in Stouffville, Ont., and served as a missionary doctor in Africa for over 10 years.</p></p></p>



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